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From: Albert Lee Mitchell <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 19:22:49 2001

        No intent to defraud? Could have fooled me!
When TCJ was owned by Bill Kibler they processed our
credit card transactions, we were only a few miles apart
and both Forthies. After Dave Baldwin took over TCJ my
cost went up so we discouraged credit card transactions
and only took a few overseas or medium-sized.

        I had/have complete trust and faith in Bill Kibler.
He's an honorable man so I didn't follow things as well as
I might have otherwise. Before too long Dave Baldwin owed
me about two kilobucks and was months behind in reimbursement.

        Repeated telephone calls elicited, "I'm fine, you'll
get your money." It never happened, the miserable piece of
shit embezzled a lot of money from us. I doubt if you'll
ever see another issue or get a penny back. Here's his
local address and telephone numbers if you want to contact
him directly:

        David Baldwin
        6619 Westbrook Drive
        P.O. Box 3900
        Citrus Heights, CA 95621
        TCJ 722-4970
        FAX 722-7480
        DIBS 733-3877
        BBS 722-5799

        Feel free to abuse him and share my going public
with his criminal activities. Regrettably the local sheriff
tried to resolve things and got a small payment so the DA
now refuses to prosecute because that legally turned the theft
into a loan. Doesn't pay to be a nice guy, huh?

-- Regards, Albert
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