SMC Ethernet

From: Eric Dittman <>
Date: Tue Jun 26 21:13:42 2001

> >I'm debating going Ebaying for some DEC or Adaptec tulip based PCI based
> >>cards.
> Good luck on finding actual DE500's, they don't seem to turn up much.

I have no problems finding real DE500's, and recently I found a
real Compaq four-port 10/100 64-bit PCI card (DE504, I think)
that is supported by VMS. I bought the DE500's used from a reseller,
and the DE504 on eBay.

I just checked and has the DE500-XA for $49 and the
DE500-BA for $60. They also have a generic 21140-based card for
$34. I've bought a few items from them and I've never had a problem.

I prefer the actual DE500 cards for my VMS and Tru64 systems, but
I've used the generics in my Linux systems. If you want, I'll sell
you one of my old generics for $20/each. I think I have at least
two, but I missed the original message so I don't know what operating
system you are going to use them in.

My favorite find, though, is a 64-bit PCI Intraserver ITI6200U2
with the VMS compatible ROMs for $58.
Eric Dittman
Received on Tue Jun 26 2001 - 21:13:42 BST

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