Pair of Apple I in a scrap pile

From: Chandra Bajpai <>
Date: Wed Jun 27 06:11:57 2001

Some guys have all the luck! I've never found anything even close in a
scrap heap.

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>> One of my friends was digging through a pile of scrap and found two Apple
>> computers in the wooden boxes. I expect to know more about it maybe this
>> weekend or next week. He didn't buy them, and asked me today if they were
>> worth getting. I told him someplace around $10k each depending on
>> condition, so I suspect he will be picking them up.
>Are you *kidding*? Just in a pile o'scrap?

Not kidding. He isn't in to computers, just fixing old video games, so
maybe we should feel lucky it didn't have any parts he wanted. He didn't
buy it, just kept digging in the pile, then asked me about it Tuesday. More
when I know more. I am going to twist his arm to show me the place so I can
at least look for other stuff. Heck I would be real happy to dig out an
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