FW: Whats a reasonable collection?

From: Douglas Quebbeman <dhquebbeman_at_theestopinalgroup.com>
Date: Wed Jun 27 07:15:19 2001

> >Not everyone in the house needs a PC; I think I'm
> >more happy with one PC in a central room where I can
> Hmmm, I was thinking of cutting down to about 50 computers, about half
> networked and the other half as curiousities or spares. I have six areas
> that each need a working mac and pc, (5) main servers each running
> something different (Linux, NT, OS2, AppleShare (one 3.0.4 to boot IIgs
> systems, and one running a newer IP version)), fun servers HP/ux on some
> Apollo's, various on older macs and PCs), dedicated systems (scanner,
> couple phone things, (2) CDR burners), various old systems running old
> software. I want to have as many different kinds of segments on my network
> as I can manage, which means running a model 95 OS/2 system to bridge
> between 10bt and tokenring on twinax.

To round out that heterogeny, you need a set of Thomas-Conrad ARCNet
cards (unless you can find 20Mbps-Datapoint cards), a passive hub,
and a serial-port-based Token-ring network that uses software written
in Russia. The Russian software lets you host drives that are actually
shares from other machines!

You'll want to use a Mac to bridge Ethernet to Localtalk, if you
can find the software...

What else?

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