X-10 (was Re: controlling power)

From: Tom Owad <owad_at_applefritter.com>
Date: Wed Jun 27 08:29:44 2001

>> This probably explains why X10 is not at all popular in the UK (and yes,
>> a 230V version does exist). I seem to remember that last time I looked at
>> the price of the modules they were all about \pounds 40.00 each. And the
>> computer [1] interface was about \pounds 90.00. I decided it was going to
>> be far too expensive for me to use.
>Around here (USA), the modules are typically about $15, and occasionally
>available cheap.

I just bought three of the Magnavox lamp modules at www.smarthome.com.
They were just $2.49 apiece.

Does anybody have any X-10 software for the Apple II? I just got a few
cards, but no software or manuals to go with them. Right now I'm using
an old Radio Shack HomeMinder to control the lights. Or light, rather.
:) I've only got one lamp hooked up at the moment and its sitting right
beside the controller, anyway.


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