MS-DOS version (was: What's best to do?? classically speaking

From: Eric Chomko <>
Date: Wed Jun 27 12:21:17 2001

John Allain wrote:

> > IBM came out with PC-DOS 7.0 (now renamed PC-DOS 2000).
> > They made it y2k compliant and all that.
> What are some of the symptoms of y2K incompliancy?

The only one I actually ran into in 2000 was Unix date codes that looked

like '19100'. I also got as 2 digit code of '10' as the program grabbed
the third and
fourth characters of '19100'.

Unix has a time structure where it reurns the number of years since
1900. If programmed
losely with the assumption of 1900 years one can get into trouble as
outlined above. The
two fixes took only a few minutes to fix.

> I have been setting old machines (1994 -> before) to
> current dates and have been getting no trouble, at least
> as far as I could tell.

Yes, I believe MS-DOS and Mac OS didn't have the Unix-related time


> John A.
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