Whats a reasonable collection?

From: Vance Dereksen <vance_at_ikickass.org>
Date: Wed Jun 27 14:41:39 2001

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On 27 Jun 2001, Iggy Drougge wrote:

> Vance Dereksen skrev:
> >I love microchannel equipment. 8-)
> I did an MCA pick-up today, entirely free. Got a set of sealed little TR
> adaptors, various IBM hard drives, different protocol adaptors, two 8514/A
> adaptors, a Future Domain SCSI adaptor, a RAM expansion card, XGA2 ID plugs,
> as well as a huge load of ISA junk and a Xircom parallel Ethernet adaptor.

That Ethernet should come in handy. If I were you, I would lend that FD
SCSI to Jaromir Dolecek. He's writing MCA card drivers for NetBSD.

> One question: What would a CD-ROM INTERFACE CD-IF35-A connect to? It's got a
> matching 40-way ribbon cable, but I assume it's some silly
> Mitsumi/Panasonic/whatever interface.

Most probably.

> Question 2: I got a little black plastic box by IBM with one DB25m, one DB25f
> and one DA9f. I suppose this is some kind of test equipment, but what?

It's a serial/parallel wrap plug. The advanced tests on PS/2 reference
diskettes need them to do port testing. It's a handy thing to keep

> BTW, I'm also very fond of MCA. Just glad I haven't got on my own desktop. =)

Why not?

Peace... Sridhar

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