FW: Whats a reasonable collection?

From: Ethan Dicks <ethan_dicks_at_yahoo.com>
Date: Wed Jun 27 15:19:40 2001

--- Eric Dittman <dittman_at_dittman.net> wrote:
> > That suggests that what I am thinking of is a DESNA.
> Most probably. The DESNA is a ChannelServer. The DEMSA and DEMSB
> are the MicroServer and MicroServer-SP and are PU2, while the DESNA
> and DESNB are PU5.

OK. That makes sense. I never knew the DEC product names, just that
they sold stuff that did things like that.

We made PU2 intellegent serial cards that plopped into a Qbus or Unibus
backplane and spoke with PU4s over sync serial. We stopped short of
updating our products to PU2.1 and LU6.2 because the market was shrinking
faster than the product cycle could fund developement.

I still have a bunch of toys from those days, including a couple of HP
programmable serial analzers (the ones with the TU-58-style tape) that
we used to use to simulate the signon and bind of a PU5 for debugging
purposes; and an Informer terminal - a self-contained 3274/3270-like
device that you could daisy-chain, simulating a bunch of tubes hanging
off of a terminal controller.


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