Versatec board (ID and claim it)

From: Shawn T. Rutledge <>
Date: Wed Jun 27 15:47:25 2001

On Wed, Jun 27, 2001 at 04:18:32PM -0400, Douglas Quebbeman wrote:
> An interface for a Versatec Plotter... most likely one of the
> electrostatic variety (as opposed to their early dot-matrix
> models)...

Yeah I used one of those at one job... but it had a rasterizer box.
I'm not sure how the PC was wired to that. I thought the plotter was
impressive; it maybe could have been used as a full-color printer too.
And each color of toner was separate, in a big plastic jug, so I figured
maybe consumable costs weren't too bad. Anyway I haven't got one and
don't need such a board.

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