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>On Wed, 27 Jun 2001, Mike Ford wrote:

>> >BTW, I'm also very fond of MCA. Just glad I haven't got on my own desktop.
>> >=)
>> A model 9595 was the first computer I was really impressed with
>> mechanically when I opened it up. Its built like a Porsche, and actually
>> LOOKS good internally.

>The 8595/9595 is an excellent machine. Another one that I like very much
>is the MCA/PCI IBM PC Server 320 (8640).

I spent this day evaluating all my disk brackets to see if one of them would
fit the 95. No such luck. I guess I'll have to work something out with a saw
and some plywood. Then I spent the evening manufacturing drive power cables,
since the 95 power supply has got sockets just like those on drives, as
opposed to plugs prodding out of it as on every other PC PSU I've ever seen.
Then I carried a big, heavy SCSI drive back home so as to get it up and
running with a reference partition.

>> I have a couple dozen of various models, with about a dozen 9595 servers.
>> One of my big scores in the auction last month was a box of 3Com MCA 10bt
>> cards I had been trying to buy for a year or two.

>I am trying to find some of those 100Base-T Olicom MCA cards.

>As spartan as my 95 was when I got it, at least it had >one such card and an MO drive
>Now, if only it had support under some decent OS...

whaddya mean? It's got great support for a superior OS! OS/2 of course. Ive gotten warp server, warp connect and OS/2 version 4 running on some 95's I have. Easy and painless, although time consuming install. I believe the 9595 series are on the NT4 compatibility list...
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