Wanted: VT420/510 terminals (general interest, Dec gear in TX)

From: Mark Tapley <mtapley_at_swri.edu>
Date: Thu Jun 28 08:24:47 2001

>From: Curt Vendel <webmaster_at_atari-history.com>
>Anybody have two VT 320 or 420 or perhaps 510 terminals for sale???

See below, from austin.forsale a few days ago. If anybody needs/wants some
of this, for shipping, I can try to arrange a pickup this weekend and ship
next week, as I'll be in Austin on the weekend. Contact T. S. Murphy first
to make sure it's still there, though. Curt, I suggest items 15. and 16.,
assuming they work together. BTW, what's the story with the kilobuck worth
of NeXTs? I think I committed for one of them and have not heard from you

>From: "T. S. Murphy" <tsm_at_palindrome.org>
>Subject: FS: DEC Computer Equipment
>Date: Sun, 24 Jun 2001 12:45:06 -0500
>Organization: SBC Internet Services
>I have the following items for sale / give away. Will consider trading for
>other DEC things. All items must be picked up in central Austin. Please
>e-mail me at tsm_at_palindrome.org for more information. Thanks!
>1. Rackmounted MicroVAX II system (in H9642 cabinet). Can run VMS or NetBSD.
>Weighs approximately 500 lbs. FREE.
>2. DECmate IIIplus computer. Base unit only. $1.00
>3. PDP-11/53 computer (in BA23 chassis). Base unit only. $100.
>4. DEC Multia computer. 166 MHz Alpha 21066 processor. 64 MB RAM. 2.1 GB
>SCSI disk. Integrated network, SCSI, graphics, etc. OpenVMS 7.2 installed,
>but can run Linux, Windows NT, or Tru64. Base unit only. $125.
>5. DEC Multia computer. 166 MHz Alpha 21066 processor. 96 MB RAM. No disk.
>Integrated network, SCSI, graphics, etc. Can run Linux, Windows NT, Tru64,
>or OpenVMS. Base unit only. $125.
>6. DEC VAXstation 4000/60 computer. 8 MB RAM. No disk. Integrated SCSI,
>network, graphics, etc. Base unit only. $50
>7. DEC VAXstation 3100/M38-SPX computer. 20 MB RAM. No disk. Dual SCSI,
>network, graphics, etc. Base unit only. $30
>8. DEC VAXstation 3100. 4 MB RAM. No disk. The SCSI and/or network does not
>work properly. Base unit only. FREE.
>9. applicationDEC 433MP computer. Very nice SCSI based backplane server,
>supports up to four 486 processors (only one installed now). 16 MB RAM, 1GB
>disk. FreeBSD installed; can run any PC operating system. Base unit only.
>10. DEC VRC16-HA monitor. Very nice monitor, works with DEC 3000 computer.
>11. DEC VR16O-DA monitor. Works with VAXstation 3100. $10.
>12. DEC VRT16-DA monitor. Works with VAXstation 4000. $10.
>13. DEC branded 14" SVGA monitor (goes very well with a Multia) $10
>14. DEC branded PC keyboards: PCXLA-NA. (also goes well with a Multia)
>several avialable new in box _at_ $5
>15. DEC LK201 keyboards, several available _at_ $10
>16. DEC VT220 & VT320 terminals with scratched screens (keyboard not
>included). FREE
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