Old stuff found + help identifying...

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Date: Thu Jun 28 12:08:16 2001

I see those systems in ultrasound machines at U of M property disposition
all the time. They sit on a shelf under the main screen and drive the thing
I suppose. Neat machine, never picked one up because they are completely
un-labeled and I had no idea what they were. I assumed they were just
embeded controllers for the ultrasounds.

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> At 11:07 AM 6/28/01 -0400, you wrote:
> >A few days ago one of the storage rooms at the university
> >was cleaned up and I grabbed all the computer-related stuff
> >that I could. Not a lot of variety, though. Besides
> >from the wintel carcasses and Mac plus remains, I found
> >one Datapoint 1550 and several modules from a type system that
> >I have never seen. The cpu, floppy disk drives and graphics
> >modules snap onto each other's side very neatly. There are
> >several of these systems, with the corresponding monitors and
> >keyboards. Alas, the only power supply unit that I found
> >is incomplete and badly damaged. Do you guys have some
> >info about these systems?
> Carlos,
> I've seen a couple of systems made by Concurrent that look like
> those. I think the Concurrents use a power supply brick that puts out
> something like 36VDC. The power supplies seem to be scarce, i've only
> one of them. I don't know anything else about the Concurrent systems,
> Joe
> > Pics can be found at
> >
> >http://jimulco.autonoma.edu.co/~carlos/hp/datapoint_1550.jpg
> >
> >http://jimulco.autonoma.edu.co/~carlos/hp/modularsystem.jpg
> >
> >These pics are about 70K. They'll probably load slowly;
> >we're bandwidth-starved these days.
> >
> >
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