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From: r. 'bear' stricklin <red_at_bears.org>
Date: Thu Jun 28 13:41:47 2001

I think you've gotten a couple things mixed up...

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001 Innfogra_at_aol.com wrote:

> The Convergent (mini-engine, mini-frame was a nickname I believe) was
> a modular computer made up so small boxes locked together. I think it
> was sold mostly to the Government and the military.

The modular systems under discussion at the moment are collectively known
as NGEN systems. They were developed by Convergent and sold under license
by Burroughs and a few other companies.

The Convergent Mini-frame and Miti-frame systems were M68k-based UNIX
workstations and not very much at all like the NGEN systems.

> The first CPU module (B25) was an Intel 80186 processor. As technology grew
> they made units with 286 (B28) and 386 (B36) processors. I believe they ran a
> proprietary OS.

The Bxx designators are Burroughs nomenclature. The Convergent-labeled
systems had different model numbers; My 8 MHz 80186 NGEN system is a
CM001/8. They all ran an OS called CTOS (or Burroughs-badged BTOS).

> All of the power supplies were external 36 V with RJ type cables. They were
> different power capacities depending on the draw required by the module.

All of my power supply modules have the same rating (10). It's not
necessary to power every module; if you have six modules in a system which
have a power rating of, say, 36, between them, you only need four power
supply modules (collectively supplying 40 power units).

There are probably additional rules on hooking up power supplies, but I'm
not able to speak of those just at the moment.

> I always thought they were cute but never got one up and running. Monitors
> and graphic modules need to match. You need the proprietary keyboard. They
> are password protected.

I was able to defeat the password on a server system by connecting the
drive module to a password-less system and fiddling with a file. If that
sparks inspiration in anybody, drop me a note and I can try to dredge my
memory for specifics.

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