Anybody good at disassembly????

From: Curt Vendel <>
Date: Thu Jun 28 17:07:54 2001


   Looking for anyone who is a major codehead that is really good at coverting HEX
code back to assembly. The code is for a long since obsolete PIC-1670 MCU and all
of the current disassemblers are for more current MCU's and not this off the wall
13-bit word beastie. Willing to pay a nominal fee if someone can do it, even if
your only in it for the challenge, somebody's gotta pay for the case of Coca-Cola
(or Pepsi if thats your choice) and the Twinkies to keep you on those all night
sugar highs to do the work :-)

  Seriously though, I'm in a bind and could use the help if anyone is interested,

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