FS/T/Free at VCF East or in PA

From: Tom Owad <owad_at_applefritter.com>
Date: Thu Jun 28 15:08:16 2001

This is stuff I really need to get rid of, but really don't want to ship.
 It can be picked up in south-central PA (that would be wonderful!) or I
can take it with me to VCF East.

I'm willing to trade (list of things I'm looking for below), will accept
cash (it takes up less space than computers), and some of this stuff I
just want to get rid of (a number of Apple IIe's and Commodore 64's may
very well end up in the trash unless somebody rescues them). Offers of
$0 are welcome. I would have waited until closer to VCF, but some of
this stuff may seriously end up in the trash. Unless otherwise noted,
this stuff is untested/as is and probably not so much as touched by me.

Stuff to be rid of:

HP 150 w/9133 expansion unit (no kb)

DEC 3000 - pizza box style, no RAM/HD, case could be nicer.

Zenith Data Systems CP/M system (I didn't see a name, but its a cpu, kb,
& monitor in one thing), dual 5.25" floppy drives, Corvus HD. I plugged
it in, flicked the switch, and nothing happened. It occured to me there
are other computers I'd rather be playing with and I haven't touched it since.

CoCo 1's and 2's - no accessories and I'm not sure exactly what I have,
definitely at least one CoCo 1 and I couldn't see the labels on the other
two. I know they're not III's.

DEC Thinwire Ethernet Multiport Repeater

Zenith Data Systems laptops (3), 3.5" disk drives, clamshell design, very
questionable condition (IIRC I had these all apart at one time), two
external battery packs (certainly dead)

TRS-80 printer selector interface, printer controller, modem IB, 2 "Mini
Disk" 5.25" drives, a bunch of plastic covers for a TRS-80, printers, and
drives (one of the drive covers has holes in it)

Paradox - manuals and disks

Infocipher receivers (3)

Tandy Disk Cartridge System w/6 cartridges. It looks like its compatible
with the "Bernoulli Box" cartridge system and some of the cartridges are
made by Bernoulli (they're about 12"x8", plastic, and very light). This
thing's pretty neat.

several Commodore 64's, 4 disk drives, printer, cassette recorder, a mess
of cables and a number of joysticks (part of mess), a couple of
cartridges (incl a modem), a brand new replacement keyboard, a 6" stack
of floppy disks, and a bunch of manuals.

Apple IIe computers. ImageWriter I's. ImageWriter II's. Lots.
Somebody, please take some of these!

Mac LC 580's. 8MB RAM, 500MB HD's, ethernet cards, keyboards, mice. $20
apiece. $15 apiece w/out KB & mouse. ImageWriter II included free! ;)

What I want:

Apple & Mac clones
Interesting Apple stuff
Canon Cat/Swyft
Nutek One/Duet
NeXT cube
Apple II
An operating system for a Micro PDP-11 that I can install off 5.25" disks
a warehouse


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