Cruel Fates & The Exidy Sorcerer

From: Pete Turnbull <>
Date: Thu Jun 28 15:44:42 2001

On Jun 28, 10:58, David Williams wrote:

> I just received an email from someone who just threw away 3
> working Exidy Sorcerer's because they thought they'd never hear
> anything about them ever again. THEN they found my website.
> The fates mock me. :-(

:-( Give me their address so I can go round and "re-educate" them

> Well the good news is they may still have some Sorcerer
> newsletters they produced which I've asked to place on the site so
> I guess it isn't all bad.

US, UK, or other European?

BTW, I'm still looking for a (photo)copy (or PDF) of the manual for the WP
Pac, docs and/or ROMs (images will do) for the DEV PAC, and a working copy
of pacman (mine is corrupt).

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