Xerox 820

From: Don Maslin <>
Date: Thu Jun 28 17:29:09 2001

On Thu, 28 Jun 2001, Rich Beaudry wrote:

> Hello all,
> Recently I acquired a Xerox 820, but as a single board, w/ power supply. I
> also received many docs (including a tech manual with Monitor listings and
> schematics). I know originally these were "all-in-one" computers, but many
> appear at ham fests in exactly the same shape as mine -- as a single board
> computer.
> Of course, hooking a terminal up to it produces nothing (even testing at
> different baud rates/parity/stop bits, etc), so I'm wondering:
> - Are there any modifications (ROM or jumpers) to "convert" this to use the
> serial port for a console, rather than the keyboard and video display? I
> couldn't find anything in my docs, but of course, I have not read them in
> depth yet.

Rich, the only scheme that I can think of that might work would be to
prepare a boot disk that contained an auto-start Submit file that would
instruct STAT to change the IOBYTE. One problem is that I do not know
for certain that the IOBYTE was implemented in the 820. I know that it
was in the 820-II, however.
                                                 - don

> In return, I could offer copies of the docs, or thanks to 22NICE and my
> Compaticard (thanks Don!), copies of the files on the diskettes (CP/M, "Word
> Processor", "Diagnostics", "Training Files" and "Program Files"), or images
> of the disks (assuming Teledisk could do it -- I haven't tried that yet).
> The disks are 5.25", SSSD
> Thanks!
> Rich B.
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