HP2748A papertape reader : connector ?

From: joe <rigdonj_at_intellistar.net>
Date: Thu Jun 28 20:14:28 2001

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>A recent dumpster dive yielded a HP2748A papertape reader. Does anyone have
>the interface spec's for this device handy ?

      I think *some* of HP's paper tape punches and readers use the 82032
parallel interface. It's a 16 bit parallel interface with several
additional handshaking lines. Each data line can be set as Input only,
Output only or In and Out. I think have one around here somewhere that came
off of a PT punch. You should have grabbed the PT punch, I think the Facit
is what HP used or perhaps I should say one of the ones that they
used. What kind of connector is on your PT reader? I think most of the
devices that used the 82032 used the same 50 pin Amphenol connector as most
SCSI devices.


>Left in the dumpster were : a Facit 4070 punch, a hp(8900?) diskdrive with
>power supply.
>The disk, vintage early to mid seventies, really should be saved but since I
>do not have a fitting computer....
>(Location Zurich , Switzerland )
> Jos Dreesen
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