Viking SCSI controller secrets?

From: Chuck McManis <>
Date: Fri Jun 29 00:15:08 2001

Hi everyone,

Is there some secret lore about Viking SCSI controllers that I need to get
them to work?

I've got a Viking QDT (dual wide Disk and Tape) that has V1.5 of the
firmware. When I plug it into my VAX with two RZ55's in an expansion
cabinet and type SHO DEV (MV3500) it says:
UQSSP Disk controller (177xxx)

Then finds the TK70 and adds

UQSSP Disk controller (xxxxx)

Its not exact but basically the system knows I've got an MSCP disk
controller and a second TMSCP tape controller and when it asks them what
devices they have attached the Viking seems to be answering ("I don't know.")

Now if I hook it up to a box that had a couple of MO drives in it (an old
Aspire cabinet) then it reports DUA0 (_at_0) and DUA1 (@0) and no tape (as
expected, and it doesn't even print the -?)

I don't have the funky cable to get to the RS232 port (although the Aspire
box does, it doesn't seem to work correctly)

        1) If I build a funky cable, which three wires do I use?
        2) Shouldn't it just work?

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