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From: Ethan Dicks <>
Date: Fri Jun 29 00:56:00 2001

--- Iggy Drougge <> wrote:
> I went on a shopping spree at the fleamarket today (well... =).
> The card I bought is made by Novell, and has got the serial number 89935 and
> the application number 5657. Those numbers are noted with a marker pen. The
> words "BOARD 738-61-001 REV B" are screened onto the board. The board itself
> is a small eight-bit ISA card without any connectors (save for the ISA card-
> edge, of course). The construction is quite simple, consisting of four 74LS
> chips (one 7407N and three 74LS244N), a PAL, an AMD AM25LS2521PCB (another
> 74LS chip?) and a big gob of glue which conceals another chip. That's it,
> apart from some discrete components. Bruno told me that it's some kind of
> diagnostics card, but not exactly what kind of diagnostics card.

I think it's a hardware key for some kind of Novell software.
> Then he had a KA410-A board, which my research tells me is either a VAX 2000
> or a VAXstation 2000.

The difference is a jumper - enable the onboard frame buffer and look for
a keyboard/mouse or ignore the frame buffer and expect there to be a level
converter on the keyboard/mouse port and provide 4 TTYs.

> It's just a card and nothing else, though. I don't
> suppose it's really feasible to construct a working system out of it? My
> friend bought it for the SCSI chip, which he intends to use in order to
> repair a Supra Amiga SCSI controller.

I'll trade you a 5380 chip for the uVAX board! No desoldering required!


> He also had a lot of Ungermann-Bass boards. They had some kind of VME-look-a-
> like DIN connector in the middle of one edge as well as some resembling D-sub
> connectors, all intended to plug into a back plane of some kind. They used a
> plethora of processors, both Motorola m68k, i80186 and i960.
> I finally bought a Datapulse 106A pulse generator, mainly due to its low
> price
> and the nice case (nineteen inch carry case with leather handles =).
> BTW, what's a Xerox FLEX? It's a small box with two centronics ports, a
> miniscule "parallel port" (so the label says) and a BNC connector.
> I also found a Zenith Z-station 235Sn, which looked like some kind of pizza
> box workstation, but I couldn't pry it open. What is it?
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