CD Writer for a uVax II

From: Frank McConnell <>
Date: Fri Jun 29 10:45:17 2001

Dave Peters <> wrote:
> provides an ethernet interface but I am wondering
> where I could find TCP/IP compatible software
> for microVMS 4.6. I know multinet exists for
> openVMS but I have my doubts about it working with
> this old a version or VMS. any ideas about this approach?

Multinet's been through two changes of corporate ownership since then
(TGV, Cisco, Process Software). You could try asking the folks at
Process Software but I would be surprised if they were able to help.

There's also the CMU TCP/IP, which is available on the net. It was
always explained to me as something that would put hair on your palms
but that could be because I worked at Wollongong. I have been mostly
successful at avoiding direct personal experience of VMS since 1991 or
so, so don't have any personal experience with it. All that said, a
little bit of webulating put me at
<> where
you can find a version that claims to support VMS 4.4 to 4.7.

-Frank McConnell
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