CD Writer for a uVax II

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Fri Jun 29 11:38:46 2001

>Thanks for the suggestion but I am tied to this
>system because of legacy hardware and software.
>I do need to be able to read the resulting CD-ROM
>on a non-VMS box so now I am thing the thing to do is to
>get the microVax II on a TCP/IP network and use
>TCP/IP to pull the data off. I understand that the
>DEQNA (later replaced by the DELNQ) board
>provides an ethernet interface but I am wondering
>where I could find TCP/IP compatible software
>for microVMS 4.6. I know multinet exists for
>openVMS but I have my doubts about it working with
>this old a version or VMS. any ideas about this approach?
>And you are right, I have two hard drives a
>RQDX3-AA with a RD54 (159 MB disk)
>and a
>RQDAE-FQ with a RD53 (79 MB disk)

As others have pointed out, about you're only hope for a TCP/IP stack is
CMU-IP. Hopefully it works for MicroVMS and not just plain VMS. Multinet
only supports V5.5-2 and newer. I'm starting to think that if you've got a
spare serial port in the system you might actually want to consider Kermit.
Believe it or not, Kermit is still around and still being developed, and
it's probably the better solution for what you're trying to do (however,
I've got to confess I don't know anything about it, other than what it is).

Since this system obviously serves some important purpose, *please* say
you're doing backups of those drives to tape! If you're not backing them
up, please figure out how to!

If you are backing them up I'm assuming you're doing it to TK50 tapes. If
this is the case you could buy (very cheaply) something like a MicroVAX
3100 with a TZ30 drive, and have it running a modern version of VMS which
could more easily do what you want.

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