MCA & EISA SCSI (too many TLAs)

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Date: Fri Jun 29 13:17:57 2001

I'll take a look this weekend. My collection has moved from my apartment
bedroom (my wife is thrilled) to a friends two stall garage and the attic
above it. (Well, half of one stall is taken up with an old VW bug and a VAX
- not sure which one is bigger, but both run ) As far as EISA goes, narrow
would be more than sufficient.

- Micah S.

Chad Fernandez <> on 06/29/2001 12:24:42 PM


Subject: Re: Whats a reasonable collection?

What is the brand is it? Is it Wide or narrow?

What do you need in the way of an EISA SCSI board? I have a couple 174x
series from Adaptec that aren't doing anything.

Chad Fernandez
Michigan, USA wrote:
> I've got a MCA SCSI controller that I'm not using. It came to me in a box
> of MCA and EISA stuff and was working when it was pulled from it's
> I was hoping to get an EISA SCSI controller.. Hmmm... if anyone in
> interested in a swap....
> - Micah S.
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