Old stuff found + help identifying...

From: Carlos Murillo <cmurillo_at_manizales.autonoma.edu.co>
Date: Fri Jun 29 14:32:28 2001

Thanks to everyone who replied!

So far, the verdict is the following:

1) the modular systems are NGEN from Convergent Technologies; they have 80186
   cpus, which make them B25 modules (thanks, Paxton) or CM001/8; they do
   operate from 36V externally supplied by one or more brick-style
   power supplies with RJ-style connectors; no hard disks were found with
   these, although, considering the manufacturing time frame, it is
   conceivable that they were entirely floppy-based; these units
   had dual floppy disk drives attached. I hauled a box
   with lots of docs and diskettes, but I have not had the time to
   go through it; the stuff might not be related to the Convergent systems.
   So, I need to (a) find a way to provide these systems with 36VDC,
   and (b) look for any related floppies; it may be that these machines
   can't be used without a password.
2) The Datapoing 1550 seems to be a diskless computer; there is a connector
   in the back that might have been used to connect a floppy disk drive
   or something else. I have spotted a couple of burned caps in the
   power supply (the computer smelled, so it was clear from the
   beginning that I could not take the chance of turning it on unchecked).
   There is a card cage in it, but I haven't taken anything but the
   cover off.


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