preserving / ressurecting old docs?

From: Lawrence LeMay <>
Date: Fri Jun 29 18:04:27 2001

> Hello,
> > I'm scanning them in as 100dpi grayscale GIFs, then I will convert
> to
> > other format(s) and eventually to PDF. Scanning directly to PDF
> with
> > HP's software produces horrible output with compression artifacts.
> 100dpi is too low a resolution; it is little above monitor screen
> resolution,
> Scanning printed material much above 150dpi is usually a waste as most
> printing is done at about 70dpi.
> Lee.

What are you smoking, and is there enough for the rest of us?

600 Dpi with resolution enhancement is very old technology for laserprinters
these days. True 1200 is preferred, though the 600 is still very good
of course.

If you can manage it, i would say scan at 600 Dpi. Thats what i try to
do when possible. Though 300 often results in fairly good quality
text. IE, scanning at 1/2 the target printer resolution is probably
the best you can hope for.

-Lawrence LeMay
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