HP2748A papertape reader : connector ?

From: Jay West <west_at_tseinc.com>
Date: Sat Jun 30 07:14:17 2001

Tony wrote....
> Most of the time, the jumper board is what is needed, though. Philips,
> the DEC 3rd party interfae I mentioned, Fluke, etc all expect to be
> talking to a punch fitted with just the jumper board. I have no idea if
> the HP mini you mentioned does as well.
and also
> What is the HP interface card? A jumper board, or something more

Several items of note....

The facit 4070 punch, when used on an HP 2100 or 21mx M/E/F system is called
(rebadged) an HP 2895B. It's entirely possible that the 4070 was used on
other later (different architecture, non 21MX) HP's with a completely
different interface and thus those might very well use the standard 4070
jumper board when used with the non 21mx hp systems.

When used on 2100&21mx systems, the 4070 is fitted with a board that is not
a simple jumper board. The HP-oriented board inside the 4070 was definitely
a full lenth board, and there were electronics on it. A very sparse set as I
recall, it could be hobbiest-made quite easily. I think a handfull of
transistors and perhaps a few caps. If you're curious, I can pull the card
out and photograph it for you. It's definitely not "UART-ish".

Jay West
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