From: Iggy Drougge <optimus_at_canit.se>
Date: Fri Jun 29 20:09:09 2001

Bill Pechter skrev:

>> >> >Getting a prompt and login from Telnet was possible on OS/2 when it
>> >> >wasn't standard in NT.
>> >>
>> >> Possible != standard.
>> >Yup... Possible=standard. You just have to enable it in the configs
>> >and have the services start at boot time. (They even can run out of
>> >inetd.conf.)
>> But was it shipped with a telnet daemon in the box?

>Yup it shipped with it in c:\tcpip\bin, I think.

In that case I stand corrected.

>> And why wouldn't it run out of inetd.conf, isn't that standard behaviour?

>It would... or you could run it as a detached background job without
>inetd -- like doing telnetd &

Yes, that's the other way to launch a d?mon AFAIK.

>IIRC -- all configurable and it could use a Unix like password file... so a
>little cut and paste and you had telnet and ftp services like a linux box.
>(and time and echo and all the little TCP/IP servers were there...)

Doesn't every box?

Then again, I suppose that NT stems from the time when M$ thought that the
Internet was not their thing, not with M$N around. =)

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