'Good' versions of VMS

From: Chuck McManis <cmcmanis_at_mcmanis.com>
Date: Fri Jun 29 20:11:58 2001

>One question. Where on earth did you get V5.5-2H4? I'm not 100% sure you
>can even get V5.5-2 out of the Hobbyist V1 CD (if you're lucky enough to
>have it). At the moment I've got one VAXstation 3100 on V5.5, but want to
>replace it with a VAXstation 4000/60 running V5.5-2 (or V5.5-2H4 if
>possible). Isn't V5.5-2H4 the Y2k update?

I've got a pair of TK50's that have the 5.5-2H4 release on them. Not sure
where they came from.

>As for V4.x which is supported on a wider range of processors (including,
>IIRC, some 3100's) the trick is getting it.

I've got several versions of 4.x on TK50.

>Something else to consider. If you're running a MicroVAX II then V7.2 is
>where you stop. With a VAX-11/725 you stop at V5.1 (or maybe V5.1-1, with
>the rest of the VAX-11/7xx family, the VAXft family and the MicroVAX I you
>stop at V6.2. It appears that V7.3 won't be the final stopping point for
>any systems, at least I've been unable to find such information in the V7.3

That is very good info. If I ever get a MicroVAX I for da House I'll put
6.2 on it.

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