'Good' versions of VMS

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Date: Fri Jun 29 21:30:51 2001

> > Once V7.3-1 is out, then I'll consider moving past V7.2-x.
> I've loaded V7.3 on the Charon VAX emulator, and it went pretty smooth,
> but I'll not try to roll out V7.3 on the production VAX systems at work
> until there's a good reason. For the Alphas I'm with you on waiting for
> V7.3-1.

I had no choice but to go with V7.2 for Alpha when it was released, though I
was at eft2 for a while before the Hobbyist CD's were released. I do blame
myself for sticking with V7.2 up until now though.

> I'm pretty sure I have V5.5-2 on CD. I seem to remember V5.5-2H4 was
> only shipped with processors that needed the support, since the "H"
> releases are hardware releases, not patch releases.

IIRC, V5.5-2 is on the Hobbyist V1 CD, so if I'm lucky I'll be able to load
that on the VAXstation 4000/60 I want to run it on. BTW, I know in the case
of V7.2-1 you can no longer buy it, you have to buy V7.2-1H1.

> When Tim Stark's VAX emulation is ready I want to get a copy of V1.x just to
> play with it, since it's been a long time since I've seen it running.

Hmmm... I'd not thought about that! I was just looking forward to having
something that Hobbyists can run that should support Ethernet! I wonder if
Tim Shoppa or Montagar have old versions of VMS.

> V7.3 seems to have support for the MicroVAX II:
> $ write sys$output f$getsyi("HW_NAME")
> MicroVAX II
> $ write sys$output f$getsyi("VERSION")
> V7.3

There is a difference between running on the hardware, and being supported
on it. It will run on a few platforms that it's never been supported on.

> V7.3 is the last version for quite a few VAX systems. (listed
> in the SPD).

Dang, I'll have to go back through it. I obviously missed it. I wish it
was still available as text or html. That PDF is a pain when you're used to
reading it as text (yeah, I know I'm the one always singing Adobe Acrobats

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