'Good' versions of VMS

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Date: Fri Jun 29 22:18:23 2001

> But that's really a problem, since -1H1 is just -1 with support for newer
> processors. If it was like the V7.1-x releases for the Alpha, it was
> probably cheaper.

It's definitly a problem. However, V7.2-1 is listed as only available
internally. Yes, the V7.2-1H1 release was nice and cheap :^) OTOH, it runs
on my PWS 433au quite nicely and required a lot less patches than V7.2-1
would have, so I'm happy :^)

> I'm looking forward to a VAX emulator with Ethernet support, too.
> That is still my primary interest in Tim's version.

There is also work being done on simh to add VAX support, however, I don't
think much is being done towards adding Ethernet support if past emulators
are any indication. However, with Bob Supnik, there is a definite chance of
getting said emulator up and running on a VMS machine (even though I've
never managed it), which would be seriously cool.

> I've never tried running an unsupported release. I expected that the
> installation process would have made some complaint or warning even
> if it loaded.

I've heard the VAX version of VMS is more forgiving. OpenVMS V7.2eft2/Alpha
would install on a machine with less than 64MB (unsupported), while
V7.2/Alpha itself totally refuses to install. V7.2/VAX can be installed in
less than 16MB which is the minimum supported.
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