HP2748A papertape reader : connector ?

From: jos.mar <jos.mar_at_bluewin.ch>
Date: Sat Jun 30 03:41:22 2001

On Sat, 30 Jun 2001, you wrote:
> The 2748A/B paper tape reader uses the "8-bit duplex register interface".
> That would lead me to believe it's an 8 bit interface, not a 16 bit one.
> I have full docs (& schematics I believe) for both the 2748B and the 8-bit
> duplex register interface board. I have two of those units presently
> running, so I can get the cable pinout too if you'd like (but I believe the
> cable diagram is in the interface manual). Let me know if you still need
> them.
I believe I received enough info from the list to figure it out. I might come
back should i run into problems with this interface...

> One word of caution about the facit 4070 punch... as I found out when I got
> mine - the facit had a board in it that was replaced depending on what
> electrical spec the system you were attaching it to used. I seem to recall
> that you had to specify which (of many) interfaces you wanted on the punch
> when you ordered it. So just because you find a 4070 punch doesn't mean it
> has the right board in it to hook up to the 8-bit duplex register board (hp
> punches and readers both used the 8-bit duplex register board). Matter of
> fact, unless it was found with an HP system, it probably DOESN'T have the
> right board for the HP. You can't tell from the outside either, as I've seen
> the RS-232 interface board in the punch presents a DB25 externally - just
> the same as the HP version of the card does (which is decidedly NOT RS-232).
> Jay West
> >

The Facit was found with the HP reader and HP Disk subsytem, and has the full
length board with parallel interface. I did not have an HP relabeling however...


                                Jos Dreesen
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