UNIX question [was: Re: VAX question]

From: Rodrigo Ventura <yoda_at_isr.ist.utl.pt>
Date: Thu Mar 1 15:56:10 2001

>>>>> "Paul" == Paul Thompson <thompson_at_mail.athenet.net> writes:

    Paul> On Wed, 28 Feb 2001, Vintage Computer Festival wrote:

>> Did VMS have a built in utility that allowed to 1) time how
>> long a given user was logged in, and/or 2) track what
>> directories on the VAX the user entered?

    Paul> Two potential answers ACC/FULL/SINCE=whenever/USER=
    Paul> You could probably use ANAL/AUDIT to check what directories
    Paul> were entered but would need to have set up the ACL's ahead
    Paul> of time.

        Obviously not wanting to raise a UNIX vs VAX war, I was just
wondering whether that kind of tracking would be possible using
UNIX... Any suggestions/comments?


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