Rescue of Four Phase Systems mini-computer from Tampa (long)

From: Will Jennings <>
Date: Fri Mar 2 11:14:35 2001

Blech, brown recluses! I have a computer that was a home for them... My
uncle lives in Colorado Springs, and his old house had a seperate,
free-standing shed/garage type of thing (much too big for a shed really).
Anyway, that's where he kept his tractor, camper, etc. And his garage was
infested with the things... And back in the far corner was my Honeywell
DPS-6/54, and the previous owner had thoughtfully coiled up the cables in
the bottom of the cabinet, creating a nice hiding space.. Needless to say,
my uncle and I were wearing thick gloves and long shirts when we put it in
the truck..

Will J
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