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From: Paul Braun <nerdware_at_laidbak.com>
Date: Fri Mar 2 19:04:42 2001

They also used to build telemetry for model rockets. I think that
actually predates the calculator/clock business.

They came up with the name "MITS" to siphon off some of the
prestige from the school of the same initials, and then made up the
words necessary to make it an acronym....I believe it was "Micro
Instrumentation and Telemetry Something"....obviously, my brain is
protesting because it wants more Phish Food and I haven't fed it

> Tony,
> Neat find! Yes, that's the same MITS. They got their start selling
> kits
> ofor clocks and calculators and the like. A friend of mine has one of
> their clocks. I've been trying to talk him out of it but no such luck!
> Joe
> At 06:42 PM 3/2/01 +0000, you wrote:
> >>
> >> Several years ago I interviewed Forrest Mims III (one of the co-
> >> founders of MITS, and also the author of piles of Radio Shack
> >> project books, many of which kept me out of trouble when I was
> >
> >Changing the subject somewhat...
> >
> >I was in the local public library today, and on the 'for sale' shelf
> >I found a book entitled something like 'Electronic clocks and
> >watches'. It was published in 1975. I quickly grabbed it for 20p (say
> >30 cents...)
> >
> >It contains _schematics_ of many early-ish digital clock kits from
> >companies like Heathkit and (which is why I mention it) MITS. I
> >assume this is the same MITS.
> >
> >-tony
> >
> >

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