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> Duh, I was thinking of the model 60 with the steel case and the full
> height ESDI hard drives. It has a carrying handle at the top and a warning
> that it is over 45 kg.
 60,65 SX,80 shares same case and 95 series are all towers and heavy.
 Even my 90 XP is heavy too for desktop case.
 Heck, both P70/P75 are heavy (appox 20lbs) and do have handle.
 Wizard w/ his small IBM collection.

even the small 9556 is very heavy, due to its all metal construction
including the wrap around case. Even so, a 9595 is very heavy. I ebayed one
with a FH SCSI drive and the guy paid shipping for it from one coast to the

david, with a *big* IBM collection.

DB Young Team OS/2

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