Rescue of Four Phase Systems mini-computer from Tampa (long)

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Sat Mar 3 03:49:05 2001

Jeff Hellige skrev:

>>Imagine finding a cougar crawling around inside an old computer! Better
>>watch out for those suckers.

> Sounds like as much fun as finding a bunch of scorpions
>crawling around one's bathroom in the middle of the night! Might be
>possible if the cat somehow got into one of the old mainframe
>computer rooms? <g> Smaller cats have been known to enjoy the warmth
>of monitors and such, so who knows!

Hm, that reminds me of one of the old classics on the early web. Tere was a
student in New Zeeland whose cat would stay on top of his modem, which was
warm and cosy. He also had some sort of permanent connection to his
university, so he set up a web server on his Amiga which had an ARexx script
which would accept forms input and talk it back with voice synthesis through
the speaker, so that people might keep his cat company while he was away. I
still have the (presumably broken) link on my '95 vintage homepage. =)

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