Sharp PC 4502 Battery Substitute?

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Date: Sun Mar 4 22:47:21 2001

Hello, folks --

My first computer, a portable Sharp PC 4502, needs a substitute
battery, now that its original Yuasa battery is no longer
manufactured. Other batteries exist almost identical in power
specifications, but not in dimensions. The Yuasa battery had
the following specifications: NP4.2-6H 6V, 4.2Ah -- dimensions:
1 7/8" x 2" x 4 5/8"; sealed lead-acid. The AC adaptor (which
still works fine, luckily) has the following specifications:
IN: 120V AC 60Hz 23 W; OUT: 10V DC 1.2A.

(The computer has two 720k floppy drives, no hard drive, a
back-lighted 640x200 LCD screen, V20 CPU clocked at 7.11 MHz,
and the only peripheral I've used with it is my Okidata ML 182
Turbo 9-pin printer that I still share with three other
computers on a data switch. I bought this computer in 1989
through DAMARK when it was already close to being obsolete;
it was manufactured around 1987.)

I still have the original dead battery, and it's stamped with
8710281 on its side; the second (nearly identical) Yuasa battery
is stamped with 9410211, and I'm barely able to keep it charged
for any meaningful length of time anymore.

Does anyone know of a suitable substitute battery that would
satisfy the above specifications?

This has been a very interesting machine from an important era
in pioneer portable computers that I think would be worthwhile
preserving in working condition. Although I can run the machine
with its AC adaptor, it would be a pain to keep that constantly
plugged in to avoid the setup screen that pops up when turned
on without a battery (and always have to reset everything). And
it would be odd, too, to have an oversized battery connected to
it from outside of its case, and inconvenient (to say the least).

Thank you for any suggestions!

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