Us vs. Museums

From: Mike Ford <>
Date: Mon Mar 5 18:20:56 2001

>a learning lab or museum to save *everything*? Isn't some
>software or hardware more valuable than others?

The problem is almost everyone is a poor judge of what has value in 5, 10,
20 years. Goals and requirements of a non powered museum, which I frankly
think is NUTS for computers, are very different from the sort of serious
spares etc. program a running museum would need.

The fair way, we all compete openly for what we want. People need to be
educated on museum practices and requirements, but I suggest "most"
enthusiasts make good pre-museum holding areas. Most of us are going to not
only preserve, but often repair and/or locate spares for a nice toy, and
when we are done we look first to the best place for it to go to.
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