Virus Alert !!!

From: Enrico Badella <>
Date: Wed Mar 7 06:58:51 2001

Iggy Drougge wrote:
> SUPRDAVE skrev:
> ><sigh> another reason not to use Micros~1 products for email...
> They only get what they deserve. I find it irritating, though, that the media
> fail to point out that these viruses only affect MS systems, instead
> purporting that the virus is universally effective due to the virus
> programmer's genius, as opposed to the incompetence of M$.

Well media is always quite partial, but have you ever wondered why medium
and top managers in all mager corporations are still committing to m$
products? I'm a consultant in several several multinationals, and I
daily see how much effort and thus $$ goes into supporting m$ email

No bean counter probably has ever taken time to account for HW upgrades,
working weekends to clean up m$ only viurs messes.

If I were an IT manager and was hit one of these m$ only viri I would send
and invoice to Mr. Gates..... yeah I know what they write on the licenses,
implicitly admitting that thier products are lemons.

Until IT manager 'see one kind of light' all the DOJ work is a waste of
USA taxpayer's money



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