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<< I received my AC Adaptor for my L40SX and the screen does not come on.
 Can anybody tell me what the lights and switches mean on the console.
 I have some symbols showing in some of the little windows.
 With power on from left to right they show:
 right arrow
 underlined % sign
 vertical bar
 up arrow
 up arrow
 box which could be a screen symbol
 With power off the right arrow shows a battery and all of the others are dark
 On the right of the screen there are two slide bars one labeled with a
 shining sun the other like a half moon.
 Neither seems to do anything >>

does your hard drive spin up? any flicker from the LCD? does the floppy seek?
what if the battery is removed? Since you have a mono LCD those slider bars
just adjust the brightness and contrast. I forgot what the switches do as my
L40 is put away. One thing you might want to check is to make sure the
computer hasnt been in any environmental extremes. It will not turn on if
temperature or humidity is excessive. Once it acclimates to room temp it
would function normally.

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