Us vs. Museums

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Wed Mar 7 17:45:23 2001

John Allain skrev:

>My vote is for no *open* hands on displays
>except to interact with the old software
>through faked or "new" keyboards, etc.

Why? Most units are after all repairable or replaceable.

>The example I have is Science Museum, Boston.
>The computer display had the KB set up with a
>1/2" plexiglass shield through which the visitor
>had to type down through to reach the keycaps.
>Somebody still managed to pry off many of the
>caps. Think Zoo, unfortunately.

My experience at the Hogia museum didn't prove much wear on the units, and who
cares if a VIC machine is destroyed once every six months?

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