Virus Alert !!!

From: John Foust <>
Date: Wed Mar 7 19:01:01 2001

At 07:58 PM 3/7/01 +0100, you wrote:
>It's rather like blaming Ford for equipping their cars qith worthless tyres
>which explode when stressed.

To me the real problem is how long it will take to
either educate users into never running attachments,
or convincing the dominant mail program maker that
allowing mail users to run attachments is a bad idea.

I've been surprised that viruses with Back Orifice -style
payloads haven't been more popular. I'd find it far more
interesting to see the contents of thousands of hard drives,
than to just erase a few files, rearrange file associations,
or do the obvious like sending out dozens of e-mails quickly.

- John
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