Virus Alert !!!

From: Joe <>
Date: Wed Mar 7 22:12:48 2001

At 10:47 AM 3/7/01 -0800, Sellam wrote:
>On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, John Foust wrote:
>> Why fault Microsoft for making products that are popular and common?
>> You might as well blame Ford for drunk drivers. I agree that Outlook
>> shouldn't expose its address book, and there's slim reason to
>> encourage the naive, easily-fooled hordes to click on executable
>> attachments, but it's far easier to lob criticism than it is to design
>> full-featured mail programs and operating systems that are
>> virus-proof.
>If MS would just give us the source code, we could fix it for them.

   Don't you mean that you could fix them?

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