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From: Sellam Ismail <>
Date: Wed Mar 7 20:02:07 2001

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Steve Robertson wrote:

> In fact there are 1700 different light bulbs that you can get for this
> model.
> So one day you go to the fridge to get a cold beer and notice the bulb is
> not working... Damn defective refrigerator!
> Who you gonna call?
> What resonse would you expect under those conditions?

Actually, Microsoft provides you with their own lightbulbs now, ever since
they partnered with that one lightbulb company, reversed engineered their
design, came up with their own LightBulb 1.0 (that was buggy as hell and
less bright, but their marketing took care of those issues) and then drove
the small lightbulb company out of business.

Anyway, this argument might have had merit if it weren't for the *fact*
that MS strategically introduces bugs into their "OS" so that a
competitor's product will fail.

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