Virus Alert !!!

From: Paul Thompson <>
Date: Wed Mar 7 22:22:57 2001

You forgot other attributes of this fridge:

The manufacturer has created a machine:

1) Due to poor product planning your fridge doesn't protect its mechanical
components from unauthorized modification or force your aftermarket parts
to install to physically separate places, so when you try out those
different icemakers, the ones you don't like and remove leave half a dozen
hoses leading into the back of the machine and odd modifications to the
compressor with no indication which ones are needed.

Looking in the back, you see all the wires are the same color but with
tiny barcodes to identify what they do. You have to buy the Wire Registry
manual to identify what the barcodes mean but many codes are missing from
the book. The compressor stops frequently, spoiling your food.

2) Through poor product planning, allows people outside your family to
readily inspect or tamper with your food, or sneak their food onto your
shelves. Consumer convenience justifies this, you are told.

3) Forces you to upgrade from 115V to 220V to 460V power feeds every few
years to provide sufficient power to activate the innovative new features
such as the talking snowflake which recommends where to place your pizza
in the freezer. Meanwhile, the fundamental mechanical flaws are left
essentially unchanged or are fixed in an even more expensive model. You
can disable the snowflake from talking, but you can't remove it to free up
space or your freezer won't freeze.

On Wed, 7 Mar 2001, Steve Robertson wrote:

> In fact there are 1700 different light bulbs that you can get for this
> model.
> So one day you go to the fridge to get a cold beer and notice the bulb is
> not working... Damn defective refrigerator!
> Who you gonna call?
> What resonse would you expect under those conditions?
> If I made the refrigerator, I'd tell you to put it back the way it was when
> you got it and see if that fixes the problem. Which is exactly what most PC
> manufactures do.
> You want me to troubleshoot your fridge under these circumstances... Credit
> card please :-)
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