Dallas module battery replacement...

From: Daniel <dannydz_at_mailandnews.com>
Date: Thu Mar 8 16:31:50 2001

I just tried using a Dremel on a Dallas Semiconductor DS1287 real time
chip pulled from a PS/2 30/286.. I went down 1/4 of an inch (halfway)
into the chip before I struck metal.. and unless you're willing to wear
out your Dremel tip by removing all of the hard plastic around the metal
batteries, I don't expect you'll have much luck with Dallas timer chips.
There is no outer plastic box; it's all solid. I wish it wasn't; it
would be neat to see one that was hollow.


>I've not tried it myself, but I am told you can cut away the top part of
>the device using (e.g.) a Dremel tool, remove the old batteries and put a
>couple of cheap lithium cells in.
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