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>Technology improved (?) and processors could clock faster.
>Therefore many of the tricks were no longer necessary, and fell out
>of use.

The 'new technology' allowed for faster speed *and* faster profits at
the expense of finer quality programming. The hallmark of fine
programming should be stability, efficiency and speed -- IN THAT ORDER.
The "tricks" should have been regarded as tried and true *techniques*
to be applied carefully to future programming practices. Unfortunately,
greed has prevailed up until now, and present computer technology is
in an inspirational, qualitative slump.

>The sort of education I was thinking about was now 'how computers
>really work'. Much of how a processor works, at least in general
>terms, is the same for a PDP11 or a PC. The difference is that the
>former is documented and understandable.

The folks responsible for what has happened with computer "under-
development" -- and those with the requisite resources capable of
turning around the poor quality of computer/software development --
are certainly well aware of what could be done with better computer
education and design. Their first and immediate concern for now
is business survival. This is where the focus of their energy lies.
They tell the public who might complain that they're just getting
what they've been demanding: more, sooner and faster; do so or die.

Should we give a drug addict more drugs to solve his problem? No!
The drugs should be banished, despite the painful withdrawal symptoms,
and the addict's life must be restructured.

The same fate lies before the computer industry. Until the 'addiction'
of speed is cured, more insanity and industrial degradation will

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