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Date: Thu Mar 8 21:07:57 2001

In message <m14b6hC-000IyRC_at_p850ug1>, Tony Duell writes:
>With microcontroller-controlled engines, most of the time the diagnostic
>connector talks to the microcontroller using an undocumented protocol.
>It's a lot harder for a hacker like me to make use of it.

At least in the US that's changing. The government has put some
pressure on the big three manufacturers to work with the SAE
to develop and adhere to standards. The steps they've been
taking in this direction are the On-Board Diagnostic series
OBD-I and OBD-II. These are fairly simple protocols over
serial busses and there are a few manufacturers of the chips
that talk the physical and link layers. I've been out of that
industry for about 2 years, but from what I remember, most
of the European and Japanese auto makers were headed in that
direction too.

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