Mac SE30

From: Iggy Drougge <>
Date: Thu Mar 8 16:20:46 2001

Billy D'Augustine skrev:

>I picked up a Mac SE30 that someone was chucking. It has no keyboard or
>mouse, but powers up and goes into MacOS. I'd like to find a keyboard and
>mouse for this.

Any ADB (Apple Desktop Bus) keyboard and mouse will do.

>Also, when it booted, it seems to have some sort of password protection on
>it. A small dialogue box came up that said "Please enter password for
>Macinto". I don't know if the utility was called "Macinto", but it looks
>like perhaps the title bar wasn't big enough to fully display "Macintosh".

Sounds like the name of the computer.

>At the very least, I'd like to be able to run OpenBSD on it...

So would I, once I find a network card for mine. I have half a MacCon IIsi/30,
but I lack the daughter card with the connectors.

It's really a pretty little machine. Not the fastest BSD box in existence, but

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