Rescue / Sale in AZ: PET, Tandy, Apple, PC

From: John Foust <>
Date: Fri Mar 9 08:10:09 2001

This is somewhere in the Phoenix/Tucson/Flagstaff area. :-)

- John


Here is a fairly complete list of the old computer stuff that we have which is available to the highest bid.

We are a non-profit 501 (c)(3) educational institution, we have
just obtained a old elementary school which was being used by
the school district to store old things from every school, so
there is a large variety of things. We don’t know their condition
exactly, or whether they work. Sold in “as is” condition and you
pay the shipping (or come get them). We really need a roof -
would trade the whole lot to a roofer for a roof, or piece it
out to whom ever would love it.

**If you are in the USA your contribution would be tax-deductible!

If you have questions or comments call us at: (520) 432-4200
or e-mail .

Thankx! Carmen & Bob Bryant

Apple IIc - (no Monitors; a white box with key board) [seven units]
Apple 51/4 external Floppy drives Model “Disk II” [eight units]
Apple (small) keybords [five]
Apple Unidisk [one]
Apple Numeric Key Pad IIe [one]
CompuAdd Computer [one]
Apple Monitor III [five]
Apple II Plus (no monitor) [one]
Apple Monitors [four]
Apple Graphics tablets large 16" x 16" Model A2M0029 [three]

Comm. PET Model 4016 [one]
Comm. Single Floppy (5 1/4) Drive Model 1541 [two]
Comm. 4023 Printers [eleven]
Comm. 4022 Printer [two]
Comm. (5 1/4) floppy Extern. Drive Model 2031LP [five]
Comm. Super PET SP9000 (with monitor attached) [seven]
Comm PET Model 4032 (with monitor) [five]
Comm. CBM Model 8032 [two]
Comm. CBM Dual Floppy Model 8050 [two]
Comm. Dual Drive Floppy [one]
Comm. Single Drive Floppy (5 1/4) Model 2031 [one]
Comm. 64 Keyboard [four]
Comm. Cassette Plug-in “Datasette” [three]
Comm. Cassette “C2N” [one]
Comm. Tractor Printer Model 4022 [one[

Other :
Panasonic Printers KX-P1080i And KX - P1091 [one of each]
IBM Transcriber Model 172 [four]
Ventel Model 1200-1 [three]
Sanyo Memo Scriber (with cassette built in) [four]

IBM Mon. Model 8513001 [one]
Leading Edge Mon. Model DR-1240 [three]
also Leading Edge Keyboard [one]
CTX Color Monitor 14" Model CVP5468A [one]
Amdek Video-300 Mon. [one]
Citizen Mon. [one]
Zenith Data Systems Mon. Model ZVM 121 [one]

other keyboards:
Zenith Data Systems [four]
Wyse Key. [one]
unknown brands [three]

TRS-80 Model III 48 K RAM (Monitor built in, with cassettee hook up in back) [seven]
TRS-80 Model 4 Microcomputer 64 K (monitor built in and cassette plug in) [seven]
 ** some of these have built in smoky glass filter attached to front
TRS-80 64K Keyboard [ten]
   “ ” “ Mini Disk Drive [one]
   TRS-80 DMP 200 Printer [one]
      “ ” Video Display (1979) [one]
     “ ” DWP-210 Daisy Wheel Printer [one]

Tandy 1000sx (Dual floppy, no mon.) [six]
    “ ” Not working/parts gone [two]
Tandy 64 K Color Monitor [one]
Tandy Dot Matrix Printer DMP 430 [one]
Tandy Monitor VM-4 [one]
Tandy 190 Keyboard [one]

Heyer Model 93 Thermal Processor [one]
“Espirit” Computer by Hazeltine (PET look-alike) [one]
Viasyn Dual 5 1/4 Disk Drive [one]
BMC - 800 Model 20 (with monitor on stand) [two]
Epson computer Model Equality I+ (has single floppy ) with keyboard [one]
Viasyn Computer from Hayward CA. CompuPro System 8/16 Serial#068899 [one]
Racal-Milgo / OMXIMODE 96 [one]
IBM Type 4869 (made in Japan) 5 1/4 Floppy Drive [one]
Data Frame 20/Super Mac Technology (120v,60 Hz) box
  with switch, male three prong plug; and two ports [one]
Power supply [one]
Texas Instruments Business System 300 Monitor [one]
3M Thermo Fax “The Secretary” Copier/Transper. Maker [two]
American Seating Masterboard for audio controls on large table w/two tapes/reels [one]
NCR Model 399 Console [one]
Zenthen & Aagaard (Copenhagen Denmark) Abdick 588 Stencil Maker
IBM Model 4226-320 Printer [one]
IBM 4226 Printer Ribbons [one]

Old DITTO and Mimeograph Machines and parts including paste ink pads [ten]
Type writers - Royal [newer X one; very old X five]
IBM Personal Wheelwriter2 [two]
IBM Quietwriter III Printer 5202 [one]
BMC electric [two]
IBM Selectric III [two]
Maxwell Pro/Indust. Videocassette U-Matic Still Frame Reproduction [twelve]
Texas Instruments Computer (large & Heavy ) Serial # 0550001424 [one]
Wollensak triple tape cassette duplicator Model 2772 [one]
Sony U-matic Model VO-2600 [one]
Tandy 1000 Personal Computer Keyboard [seven]

IBM Personal Computer Hardware Reference Library 3.0 BASIC
        (Hard bound ringed binder in fiberboard case, wrapped, like new [twelve]
IBM Personal Computer Guide To Operations with floppy [twelve]
Tandy 1000sx Manual excellent condition [one]
Apple IIc “A Touch of Applesoft Basic” [five]
Apple “Getting Started With Your Apple II GS [fifteen]
Apple Color RGB Monitor Owners Manual (IIgs) [eight]
Apple 3.5 Drive Owner Guide [three]
Apple II GS Owner Reference [eight]
Appel Image Writer II Owner Manual [one]
Apple II GS System Drive Users Guide [one]
Apple II GS Owner Manual(in wrapper)
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